Movember: Grow your moustache for charity

Candy Bellinger

It's official, all the hottest men are getting hairy this month and growing their moustache for charity in honour of "Movember". Or growing your "mo", as it's called throughout the Movember period. If you've grown a mo you're in good company. Hairy is fashionable, from little mos to full-on beards, as in the David Beckham style. And at least you don't have to justify it to the boss, you can use charity as a justifiable excuse to save you shaving, and get extra time in bed each morning.

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Movember is promoted by the Movember foundation, a global charitable institute that raises awareness for men's health issues, and in particular, prostate cancer. Each man who takes part starts off with a clean slate (or face) then grows and tweaks his facial locks, while raising funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

According to the Movember website, this health initiative has raised over £30 million globally in the fight against prostate cancer and depression in men. And because of the conversation about men and their mos, everyone's talking about men's health and how to take care of it. Which can only be a good thing as with prostate cancer earlier detection can help in the fight against the disease.

There are plenty of fund-raising events and parties to get the hirsute juices flowing. You can attend official Movember events or hold one in your own workplace or home.

Ladies, you too can get involved and support the hairy man in your life, go to the official Movember website for more news and info.