National curry week

Maya Driver

For two hundred years, curry restaurants have existed in the UK and this week you can celebrate our 'national dish' by visiting one of the many restaurants participating in National Curry Week.

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When you visit one of these restaurants (a full list of them can be found on the National Curry Week website), part of your bill will be contributed to the Curry Tree charity which aims to help impoverished and starving people in the third world.

At a National Curry Week restaurant, as well as giving to charity and eating a delicious curry, you might also witness a world record being broken. The Great Poppadom Tower Challenge is readily taken up by curry lovers for National Curry Week and so far the record stands at 1.48m high! Think you can beat it? Another challenge which was regularly particpated in was Can You Handle The Heat? in which restaurants would produce incredibly hot curries using very strong chillies. This competition had to be cancelled since the extra hot chillies could be potentially dangerous! There is also the samosa speed challenge in which restaurants have to see how many samosas they can prepare within 10 minutes.

If you can't make it to a restaurant, you can still celebrate your love of curry at home by cooking up a delicious korma or madras, masala or biryani. Check out AOL recipes for some exciting ideas to try.

For some people, their love of curry causes them to wax lyrical - no really. You'll find these poems about curry posted on the National Curry Week website. And if you too are feeling prosaic, why not send in your own curry poem - or better yet, post it here!

Do you love curry? Got any amazing recipes to share? Leave a comment and help us celebrate curry week.