Outsider view: Chuck that ballast overboard!

Porsche have always operated on the basic principle of supplying thoroughbred driving machines to motoring purists. This is particularly true of the legendary RS models. In its latest incarnation as the 911 GT3 RS, a member of the revamped 997 series, Porsche have once again demonstrated a sense for what is essential, giving customers the option of a lithium-ion battery which, by comparison with the conventional lead battery, offers a weight saving of over ten kilos. However, it seems that they are unable to resist making compromises: electric windows, automatic climate control and radio come as standard. You can specifically 'unorder' the radio and climate control to get closer to the ideal of the unadulterated racer. But why on earth would anyone want electrically operated windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, electric unlocking on bonnet and boot, and central locking? Away with this clutter! Dear Porsche, your new RS is great, but spare us all the gimmicks with this definitive 911. The softies at the luxury end of the market can always buy themselves a Bentley.
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