Renault: Gordini comeback

Andrew Hopkins

Iconic tuning brand Gordini is set to return. French manufacturer Renault announced in Paris that the Gordini name will be reintroduced for a new series of high-powered small cars. Renault Sport is to develop these models. First car in the new Gordini line-up will be a converted 133bhp Twingo Sport. Model launch is scheduled for late November and sales will commence in spring 2010. A second 201bhp Gordini-badged car will be unveiled in 2010, based on the Clio RS.

The current wave of nostalgia should increase sales for the French marque. The Gordini name has been synonymous with fast cars from France since the Thirties. Amedee Gordini, born 1899 in Italy, even built Formula One racing cars. Gordini's biggest success came in 1964 with the Renault R8, which secured four out of five top places on the Tour de Corse rally.