DIY the power tool way

Candy Bellinger

It's not to everyone's taste, DIY but, love it or hate it, sooner or later the chances are you'll have to get involved. But whether you just brightening up your home with some decorating or going all out with a renovation, there power tools that can make it all a whole lot easier.

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No home should be without a cordless power drill. Lightweight and with no cord to get tangled up in, this versatile tool will put holes into wood, metal and concrete and most will also double as an electric screwdriver making light work of a whole host of household DIY chores.

Decorating might seem like a relatively easy job, but if your woodwork is rougher than a trawlerman's hands then you might want a little electrical assistance.

Enter the palm sander. This handy little tool uses normal sheets of sandpaper which it vibrates in a slightly circular motion, leaving wood fabulously smooth. Go for one with a collection bag for the dust.

If you're getting all creative with your woodworking skills or even just need a hole for your sink, then the jigsaw is the tool for you. This handheld tool that can cut accurate (with a spot of practise) curved lines is an essential for DIY enthusiasts.

At some point in your DIY adventures, you will arrive at the bathroom or kitchen. And if that's where you're headed, make sure you invest in a tile cutter. From ceramic to slate, a decent one will allow you to get perfectly straight cuts without wasting your expensive tiles.

And last but not least, the plane. If you've ever had to hang a door, then you'll know just how invaluable the plane really is. It'll shave just the right amount off the bottom to prevent that irritating carpet drag effect (and other useful stuff too).

So there you have it. Once you've invested in these essential power tools, you'll wonder what you ever did without them.