A guide to insulating your home

Candy Bellinger

As the long winter evenings draw in no doubt the chillier weather will soon have us turning to the boiler for comfort. But with the credit crunch continuing to bite, it might pay to consider your options when it comes to saving energy. So we've come up with a few pointers on where and how to save money by insulating your home.

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Around a third of all the heat lost in the home is through un-insulated walls. If your home has cavity walls then filling the gaps can insulate your home and, according to the Energy Saving Trust, save you around £115 a year on your fuel bills. For solid walls, try insulating under floorboards and sealing any chilly gaps and cracks around skirting boards yourself.

Similarly, loft insulation will keep the cold out and the warmth in. Even if your loft is already insulated, it might just pay to top up what's already there. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years, so the yearly savings will soon pay for the installation.

Check your pipe and water tank insulation. Fitting a new 75mm hot water cylinder jacket will save you more than double what it costs, while insulating hot water pipes will cost around £10... a seriously cost effective way to cut heat loss by a whopping 75%.

On the costlier side, double glazing will create an insulating barrier where it is much needed. When shopping around, look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo to ensure the best energy efficiency. For those on a budget, secondary glazing can prove a less expensive option. You'll enjoy not only reduced heat loss, but also a quieter evening in.

The best news if you're looking to insulate your home is that government grants are available so make sure you check what you're entitled to... you could ultimately save yourself a bundle.