Pete Mait

At the SEMA convention in Las Vegas, one vehicle in particular is attracting a lot of attention: the TRAX Subaru WRX STI. This automotive creation, the brainchild of artist and snowboard virtuoso Ken Block, is making its public debut in Las Vegas.

Responsible for the actual construction work are rally experts Vermont Sportscar. The WRX STI comes equipped with a set of special EXE-TC Group N shock absorbers, a modified 400bhp 2.5L four-cylinder boxer engine and a KAPS five-speed automatic gearbox. Particularly eye-catching are the four snow-cat tracks in place of wheels. These turn the TRAX WRX STI into an awe-inspiring apparition capable of undreamt-of performance, even on the toughest terrain. And as a sort of bonus, this Subaru comes with a sort of sleigh in tow, the ideal solution for a family snowboarding trip.