Throw the perfect Halloween party

Us Brits aren't all that fond of trick-or-treating and there are many safer and far more fun ways to celebrate Halloween, such as throwing a big, scary party because everyone can enjoy a party whether they like Halloween or not.

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Here are some top Halloween party tips. Firstly, ensure that all your guests dress up. Halloween is just about the only time of year when you can really go crazy with your fancy dress and anyone who doesn't try is a bit of a party pooper. You could have a best costume competition as an incentive to get creative. Check out our gallery of top searched Halloween costumes for some inspiration.

Next set the mood for your party. This can be easy and cheap to achieve if you use some spooky lighting - candles, especially inside a carved out pumpkin, create the right atmosphere. You can use chalk on black sugar paper to draw tombstones, or you could draw a body outline on the floor for a murder scene effect. Toilet paper is great for creating a mummified look.
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