Top spa and beauty treatments

Maya Driver

Chase the winter blues away by pampering yourself with spa and beauty treatments. Check out our top related searches, then read on to learn about 10 weird and wonderful ways to indulge yourself.

Top beauty searches:

  1. Shiatsu

  2. Beauty waxing

  3. Body wrap

  4. Spa treatment products

  5. Lymphatic drainage

  6. Manicures

  7. Massage therapy spa

  8. Aromatherapy

  9. Tanning beauty

  10. Spa retreats

Waxing Even though you'll mostly be covering up through winter, it is the party season soon and waxing away those hairy bits is a reasonably priced, popular beauty treatment. It's not exactly relaxing but the end results are satisfying!

Spray Tan Fool your friends into believing you've been wintering in Saint Tropez... with a spray tan it's a half-truth anyway. You can buy Saint Tropez fake tan and do it yourself, or splash out a bit more and have a professional job done in a salon.

Aveda Glossing Treatment Want silky smooth hair like you see on TV adverts? For £30 from Aveda salons you can get this treatment that will leave you swinging your hair around like the girl from Timotei.

Darphin Perfect Polish Body Treatment If your skin is looking dull and dry then maybe you need one of these treatments. 30 minutes of scrubbing and exfoliating will make your skin youthful and soft. What a treat!

Body Sugaring More hair removal treatments, but this one is different from waxing - it's less painful! Sugaring leaves no residue and should last for about 4-6 weeks.

Herbal Wrap This treatment involves having your whole body tightly wrapped in herb-soaked sheets and then left for about 30 minutes while your skin tightens up and loses toxins and fat cells.

Paraffin Pedicure This is a perfect way to soften tired and overworked feet. Soak them in paraffin wax, buff them, moisturise and polish them till you won't even recognise them.

Underwater Massage This unusual form of massage, known as watsu (water shiatsu), involves floating in warm water while being massaged. It has often been described as a 'back-to-the-womb' experience.

Electrolosis Hair removal is a popular beauty treatment and this is another form - and it's permanent. It can remove hair from anywhere on the body.

Botox While not everyone's cup of tea, botox injections are incredibly popular. If you want to smooth out wrinkles in your forehead or crow's feet, this is the treatment for you. Just make sure you are treated by a reputable professional.

Are you a spa and beauty treatment junky? Which treatments do you opt for the most? Or do you think it's a waste of money? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.