Stowaway coyote

Barbara Fieschi

It seems that animals in the US have no issues crashing (into) others' vehicles. They also seem superstrong, going on pretty deadly journeys only to escape unharmed and – according to photographic evidence – a little smug.

Following the adventures of the travelling Harlem cat last week, a coyote has adopted the same means of travel, taking an eight-hour journey under the bonnet of an apparently very comfy Honda Fit.

A brother and sister on a 600-mile journey to Nevada hit the coyote at 75mph. They didn't stop, being pretty sure the poor thing would have been killed on the spot. However, when they eventually reached their destination they discovered him snugly wedged between the radiator and bumper.

The siblings, Daniel and Tevyn East, failed to spot the furry intruder twice when they stopped for petrol. Daniel East was amazed when he discovered the death-cheating animal which he named Tricky. "Somehow the conditions were just right for it to survive the trip" he commented.

Tricky the coyote was taken to the shelter only to escape hours later. Probably trying to hitch a ride home....