Wii Fit endorsed by NHS

Candy Bellinger

Not so long ago the idea that a computer game might be endorsed by the NHS would have seemed preposterous. But such is the success of the Nintendo Wii Fit in getting gamers up off the sofa and into an exercise regime that the latest version, which is on sale now, will be using the NHS's Change4Life logo amidst its advertising.

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A spokesman for the Department of Health told the Telegraph: "Active video games, where kids need to jump up and down or dance about as part of the game, are a great way to get kids moving."

The new version of the game, Wii Fit Plus, features all the favourites from the old game, including everything from hula-hooping to yoga, but will enable players to tailor their exercise programme to target specific areas of the body.

Rob Saunders, the British spokesman for Nintendo, said: "If you are worried about your bingo wings or your flabby bum, the game will give you specific exercises to target those areas.

The Nintendo Wii console has already been used by Seacroft Hospital in Leeds to encourage recuperating patients to exercise, but now, as part of the Change4Life campaign which aims to encourage people take more exercise and eat healthily, the Wii will bring new customers to the world of gaming.

Guy Cocker, of Gamespot, added: "It's a great victory for the computer games industry. And to give credit to Nintendo, I think most people who buy Wii Fit do so because they actually want to improve their health."

As of next year, it is even possible that the Change4Life logo will appear on the product itself, a first in terms of a partnership between the Government and the computer games industry.

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