Preview Tokyo: Nissan Land Glider

At the Tokyo Motor Show (24th October - 4th November), Nissan will be showing off an unusual prototype that combines elements of a mini with those of a motorbike. According to Nissan, the model on display is just a design study. Having said that, though, future small cars from the manufacturer may be heading in this general direction. The dimensions and technology of the tandem could be the answer to some of the problems in congested urban environments. By seating the single passenger directly behind the driver, the designers have ensured that the Land Glider has a very narrow body. Special technology is used to enable the Land Glider to tilt at an angle of up to 17 degrees on corners. The roof is reminiscent of the cockpit on an aeroplane. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor located next to the rear axle and fed from lithium ion batteries.
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