Flying car crashes into roof

Barbara Fieschi

It's happened to all of us before: being occasionally woken up in the dead of night by a motorised maniac trying to break the speed of light.

Now, what has happened to very few of us is to be woken up by a car crashing onto our roof after taking off and flying for a few metres.
An Australian couple woke up in the early hours to the sight of a vehicle - passenger still in it - poking through their bungalow roof.

It seems the driver, most certainly drunk and undeniably stupid, challenged another car to a race. His car unfortunately hit a ramp-shaped mud mount and was sent flying at the speed of 100kph.
Both car passengers escaped with minor injuries and are resting in hospital. While the driver was found still behind the wheel, his buddy had tried to escape but got trapped in the roof.

Inspector Gretch of the Australian police declared: "To have an accident which starts 90 metres away and actually gets a vehicle airborne, there would have been substantial speed involved."

Substantial idiocy too.