Ready to order: Golf BlueMotion

Andrew Hopkins

With this particular Golf, it's not so much a question of the g-force that thrusts the driver back into his seat or the number of decibels that the exhaust can generate. The vital statistics that matter with the new Golf BlueMotion are as follows: 74mpg (3.8 litres per 100km) diesel and CO2 emissions of 99 g/km. This not only makes it the thriftiest Golf of all time but also takes it to the top of the class in terms of eco-friendliness. Obviously such superlatives come at a price, though the basic version at 21,650 euros will cost only around 1,000 euros more than the standard TDI.

The extra money buys you such BlueMotion features as 'recuperation' (kinetic energy recovery from the brakes), a start-stop system, tyres that have been optimised for rolling resistance and aerodynamically streamlined bodywork. These additional specifications get the 1.6L TDI engine down below the magic consumption and emission thresholds of four litres per 100 km and 100 grams per km. Furthermore, the five-speed gearbox has been given a longer power transmission and you have the option of allowing the onboard computer to recommend gear shifts. According to VW, series production is due to commence in early November. The first vehicles should arrive in the showrooms around the middle of the month.