Maintain your motor

Maya Driver

Not everyone can afford a new car even if they could take advantage of the government's scrappage scheme. This means you have to take good care of your current car and make sure you regularly check what you can yourself and get it to a garage as often as you can.

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Checks that you can carry out yourself are topping up the windscreen washer fluid (as this is now a legal requirement) and replacing the wiper blades every year. You can also check that all your lights are working and replace broken ones. Checking the oil level is simple to do and so is checking your tyre pressure. Radiator coolant and power steering fluid levels should also be checked regularly and keep an eye out for small chips in your windscreen that can grow into larger cracks - get them fixed before you have to replace the whole window.

Services such as getting your engine oil changed, replacing brake discs, checking suspension and shock absorption etc. these are all things which are best left to experts. A car service, depending on what type you get, can cost between £30 and £180 or so. But the more regularly you have them, the less likely it will be that you have to fork out for more costly repairs and replacement parts. Although if you have a foreign or unusual car, replacement parts can be expensive and hard to find. Search online for any you need and then you can shop around for the best price too.

These days the driving theory test includes two questions concerning car maintenance. Do you think this enough Do you think that people should have a good understanding of cars and their maintenance before being allowed to drive? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.