Car robber turns out to be a bear

Barbara Fieschi

We all know we should have a decent alarm to protect ourselves from possible thieves lusting after our vehicle.

Unfortunately, it seems alarms don't phase bears, and they'll happily rummage through your car while the irritating, loud siren is waking up the whole neighbourhood.

This was the case for an unfortunate couple from Colorado, who got back to their car from an evening out to find what they thought was a thief inside it.

The intruder was in fact a young bear that had cleverly managed to open the door, which incidentally wasn't locked – what's the point of an alarm if you're going to leave the door open?!? But that's a different story.

The hungry pup had smelt food in the car and proceeded to seek it out when the door shut, trapping him inside. He then had plenty of time to cause extended damage to the car, including a hole in the roof. The bear was freed by surprised police officers who thought they were on their way to catch a low-life, not a wildlife animal.