The proof is in the Carrera

Barbara Fieschi

Men like to drive showy, sporty, fast cars. This is not breaking news. It's in fact one of their raisons d'être.Yet, researchers at Concordia University thought it would be a great idea to invest loads of time and money into proving this with facts, numbers and a proper case study.

So they took a few dudes and made them drive a Porsche and an old Toyota and then they analysed their saliva.

What did they find out? Men get a bigger rush and develop higher testosterone levels when driving a brand new Carrera as opposed to a 10-year-old banger.

And I say: Bravo. And thank you for putting this in writing. Next time some guy wants to persuade me that he's never felt sexier than when driving a 20-year-old mustard Lada, I will dig out my issue of the Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes journal and prove him wrong.