Coping with redundancy

Maya Driver

Being made redundant, especially if it's unexpected, can be daunting and distressing news, but it needn't be such a terrible thing if you look at it as a new opportunity or change of direction in life. If you've been made redundant or think you will be, check out our top web searches for advice and tips.

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And for more advice, read AOL Money's articles about coping with redundancy, top tips and how to survive losing your job. Before you accept your redundancy, if you're not happy about it you should be aware of your rights. For example, your employer should give you 30 day's notice and if there are more than 100 jobs being cut they should give 100 day's notice. Also employers are required to try to find an alternative role in the company if possible and you should receive notice pay or redundancy pay depending on how long you've had your job. Read your contract carefully to see what you're entitled to. In some cases, it's possible to take your employer to a tribunal and contest their decision.

Once you've been made redundant you will have to make sure your finances are in order. You need to assume you won't have any income indefinitely and budget accordingly. Make sure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to from your company and from your benefits office.

The next step of course is to find a new job. In the meantime you could think about retraining and starting a new career. You could take a career break - many people take gap years later in their lives. There are lots of careers advice services available online and at your local job centre that can help you polish your CV and practice your interview skills.

Have you been made redundant or are you facing the prospect? Is it good or bad news and how do you plan to cope? Leave a comment and share your experiences.