Outsider view: Which way now for Saab?

Andrew Hopkins

The new 9-5 from Saab gives a strong indication of the direction the company intends to take, despite its last few crisis-ridden months. The future is at least looking a little brighter with the prospective sale to Koenigsegg moving ahead. The Saab 9-5 could mark the start of a new era, though how this era will look is anyone's guess. Will they revert more strongly to their avant-garde roots? Might they extend their range with a few smaller models? Which other automotive players will Saab seek to collaborate with? Will they be venturing into hybrid territory? A lot of questions remain unanswered, so we will (as the old saying goes) "await developments with interest". But the new 9-5 could certainly be the first of many. Let's hope so. Because it's nice to see there's life in the old dog yet .