Cash in your attic

Maya Driver

It's a tough time financially for most people at the moment so any extra ways of making cash are very welcome. Television programmes about making money from hidden treasures found in your house are still popular and it's no surprise since it's just possible that you could make a lot of money from your home. The BBC's 'Cash in the attic' experts claim that, "Anywhere between £100 and £500 worth of junk is stored in the average three-bedroom semi-detached attic." The secret to making money is recognising items of value and selling them in the right places. Check out our top related web searches.

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If your home is packed to the rafters with stuff, there's a chance that something of value will be lurking there so the first thing you have to do is declutter and sort. Separating items into boxes labelled 'keep', 'car boot' and 'auction' will make the process more organised. Items that belong in the 'auction' box will be things like ceramics - brands like Royal Doulton, books - although they need to be rare or first editions, comics - anything old and in good condition, old toys especially things like Thunderbirds and Star Wars, figurines made by Beswick are highly collectable, rare records and computers, such as 1970s games consoles like Sinclairs and Ataris. Everything has to be in excellent condition and being boxed will make them worth between 20% and 50% more.

To value items you can look on online auction sites and compare what similar items are selling for. At the same time you could list your item for sale. If you want to have your items valued professionally, this will cost you so make sure the item's value will cover your loss.

Next you need a place to sell your stuff. The best place is probably an online auction because you can set a reserve so you don't let your figurine go for a pittance. Car boot sales are also a great place to get rid of lots of stuff but be prepared for some hardened hagglers to batter down your prices. Also bring plenty of change with you. If you have an item which is of real value you may want to take it to an auction house. These places often offer free appraisals and have specialist sales for furniture or toys and will have very particular buyers.

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