What you think of tattoos - poll results

Maya Driver

The poll is now closed and the results are in. It seems that tattoos are a popular form of body art as over 60% of the voters were in favour of being inked. Judging by the comments you made, there are many tattooed people out there who are proud of their ink work and many people who want to get even more.

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Even people who don't have tattoos and don't want any of their own are still able to admire them on others. As one commentor, Debbie, says, "My partner has tattoos and it has never bothered me, I think they suit him! I have never wanted to have them myself, so not all of us without tattoos are against other people having them!"

Commentor Andy has some sensible advice for those wanting tattoos, "Personally I love them, well, I have plenty of them. It's your body so therefore do what you like with it, but make sure you think before you get it done - will I still like it in 10-20-30 years time?"

Of course there were still 30% of the voters who, like Anna, are not comfortable with tattoos. She says, "I think it's ugly for anyone, particularly women to have so many tattoos that you cannot see their features or untattood skin! ... I for one would never consider having one done."

So while there are still a lot of people who are anti-tattoo, it seems the majority is definitely pro-ink.