Olympic announcement

Maya Driver

The Olympic announcement will be made today revealing the decision of where to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Seven cities had made bids to become the hosts of the games, these were Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Baku, Doha and Prague. However, the latter three cities did not make it to the final shortlist.

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While Tokyo and Madrid, as well known capital cities, are strong candidates for the Olympics, previous games will have only recently been held in Asia and Europe and this may scupper their chances. If Rio de Janeiro's bid wins, they will be the first ever South American city to host the games.

Choosing the host for the Olympic Games is a very long process. For these 2016 games, the process started in September 2007. The applicant cities have to submit lengthy questionnaires - twice - and a long voting process then begins. And today, two years later, we will learn in which city the 2016 Olympic Games will be held. Will you be travelling to that city to watch the events? Which is your favourite Olympic event? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.