10 ways to hike your home's worth

Maya Driver

Starting out with the cheaper options and moving up to the big guns, here are 10 ways you can increase the value of your home that will impress potential buyers so much, they won't know what hit them.

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  1. Keep it clean- this is something that is so simple and affordable to do but makes a huge difference. Even though people know the house they'll be buying won't contain all your stuff, sometimes it is hard to see past any clutter to what the house has to offer. So make sure you de-clutter and tidy your home and keep pets out of sight.

  2. Brighten things up - introducing strategically placed lamps and lighting will create a pleasant atmosphere and if a house hunter 'falls in love' with your home then you're bound to make money.

  3. Energy efficiency - being green could certainly improve your property's value and you needn't go so far as to install solar panels or composting toilets. Cavity wall and loft insulation are relatively cheap to install in your house (about £200 each) and they will make yearly savings on heating bills.

  4. Roofs and gutters - make sure you have no missing roof tiles and your gutters and drains are clear. You can get new guttering at a reasonable price and when the potential buyer has the survey done, your house will pass with flying colours.

  5. Garden - if you have a garden then make the most of it because it's bound to add value to your property. Try to work out who your target demographic is - would your potential buyer prefer decking or a lawn or landscaping? Although it could work out more profitable for you to spruce it up yourself rather than spend a lot of money on something you don't plan to keep.

  6. Period features - if you have covered-up fireplaces then uncover and restore them as period fireplaces are very attractive to house hunters. Or perhaps you have some original wood flooring hiding beneath your carpet?

  7. Creating space - many younger buyers are attracted to open-plan living and it could be worthwhile opening up smaller rooms into a larger space. However, this would be an ambitious project to embark on without getting expert advice first

  8. Garages - if it's possible you might consider adding a garage to your property. They are very desirable since they create extra storage space and can reduce insurance premiums for car owners. A new garage could cost up to £25,000 but might increase your home's value by 10%

  9. New kitchen - if your kitchen is a little old-fashioned then the best big project you could do to raise your house's value is to get it refitted.

  10. Extensions - adding extra space to a house whether it's an extension on the side or a loft conversion will greatly increase the value of your house. This project will require a big outlay but the return should make it all worthwhile.