London tattoo convention

Maya Driver

For some people it's an obsession, from the moment they first get inked they're thinking about their next tattoo, but for others the very idea of having a needle scratch an indelible image onto their skin makes them feel disgusted. Tattoos can cause very strong reactions, but for some 20,000 people attending the International London Tattoo Convention this week, they will only be very positive ones. Take a look at our top tattoo searches to see what other people have been looking for.

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From the 25th to the 27th September, the biggest tattoo convention in Europe takes place in London at Tobacco Dock near Tower Bridge. During the three-day event tattoo fans come to see famous tattooists at work using various styles from traditional Samoan and Japanese to rockabilly and Latin American. As well as getting inked at the convention, other entertainments include bands, burlesque performers and art exhibitions. There are also lots of stalls selling T-shirts and other souvenirs.

Body art used to only be found on sailers, prisoners, criminals and indigenous tribespeople. These days tattoos are far more acceptable and are becoming part of popular culture especially as celebrities make them fashionable. While it is still unusual to see people with full sleeve or back tattoos in the UK, a vast number of people sport smaller tattoos and ones in inconspicuous places.

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