IAA Frankfurt: The colours of new models

Andrew Hopkins

The 63rd IAA in Frankfurt will doubtless go down in automobile history as the 'green IAA'. There were many eco-cars to admire, but they were not always painted green and usually had the colour blue in their names (Blue Motion or Blue Efficiency). Renault and BMW preferred bluish light when exhibiting their e-cars. Skoda was the only manufacturer to call its fuel-efficient models 'Greenline'. The colours currently in fashion are silver, black, white and red. Of course, British models still use the legendary British Racing Green, but Bentley have launched new shades of green, with an Apple Green for its limousines.

Who do we associate with the colour red? Why, Ferrari, of course! Michael Schumacher's much-vaunted Formula One comeback didn't work out, but he will probably remain a Red for the rest of his life. At the IAA, Schu had the honour of unveiling the brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia, which, contrary to Ferrari tradition, was not painted red but yellow.