Guide to eating healthy

Maya Driver

We all want a healthy diet and most people know what they should be eating and what should be avoided. But there are many foods that you may eat without realising just how bad they are. For tips and ideas about eating healthily, check out our top related searches and then read on to find out about some surprisingly unhealthy foods.

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At breakfast, people choose whole wheat cereals and bread to be healthy, but how many of you like a toasted bagel to start the day? They seem innocent but in fact they can contain around 300 calories and that's without any toppings. Add cream cheese or peanut butter and the calories push up to between 500 and 800. And the seemingly healthy fruity bagel can contain around 400 calories. If you do want to eat bagels, make sure you stick to low-fat toppings such as marmite.

A cup of coffee with breakfast or during the day can also be a diet nightmare. Takeaway coffees can contain between 100 - 300 calories depending on the size, the milk and extras like chocolate, cream and syrup. But if you stick to espressos or americanos with skimmed milk you can keep the calorie intake to under 20.

In a hurry at lunchtime and decide to grab a panini? They seem healthy with herbs and tomatoes in. But in a mozzarella panini from a certain American coffee chain, the calories shoot to 900. That's almost half your daily allowance!

And finally everyone knows that chicken is the best low-fat meat. But if you don't remove the skin, did you know that the calorie content will increase from about 190 for 130g to 230. Plus the fat content increases from 3g to over 8g. So always remember to remove the skin (it's kind of disgusting anyway!)

Do you know of other foods with hidden calories and fat? Got suggestions for alternatives? Leave a comment and share your tips.