Renault exhibit four e-musketeers

Pete Mait

At the IAA in Frankfurt, almost every manufacturer has an electrically powered car on show, or at least a design study. Renault have gone one better than the competition with a quartet of four electric cars, which should be available from 2011.

Number one in the electric line-up is the Renault Twizy Z.E. Concept. At just 2.3 metres long and only 1.1 metres wide, this car is designed for the city. The second study – the Renault Zoe Z.E. Concept – is intended to carry four people. With a length of 4.1 metres and a wheel base of 2.6 metres, this model belongs in the compact class The third design, based on the Fluence notchback saloon, and called the. Fluence Z.E. Concept, likewise debuts at the IAA. It looks almost ready for mass production. The last of the four electric-powered musketeers, the Kangoo Z.E. Concept, launched before the start of the IAA, is aimed primarily at meeting the needs of trades people.