Adult education and changing your career

No one has a 'job for life' these days and many people do not even stay in the same profession all their lives anymore. It's perfectly acceptable to have a career change, although it's not always the easiest thing to do if you don't have the necessary skills for your new career. Fortunately getting trained is becoming easier to fit into your life and more affordable too. Take a look at our education searches for some ideas.

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If you're lucky, you may already be working within a company that provides training. Speak to your manager and your HR department to find out what opportunities are available to you. But if you're out of work or looking to move into a different kind of work a good place to start looking for courses is your local college. Most colleges have courses for adults as well as their usual sixth-form classes. You will find a wide variety to choose from such as arts, sciences, maths, computing, languages and more vocational courses too.

You can find courses that are part-time or take place in the evenings, and many colleges have a child care service too so fitting in your studying should be easier. Another place to search for courses is on the government website Directgov. There you can find all sorts of information about where to study and what financial support is available to you such as Adult Learning Grants, Career Development Loans and help with childcare costs. So don't think that retraining and learning is too difficult to do, search online first and find out what's available to you.

Do you want to learn for a new career or have you already made a career change through retraining? Leave a comment and share your experiences with us.
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