All things considered: do they make sense?

How sensible are crossover-vehicles such as the Audi A4 allroad quattro? Compared with the normal A4, the only extras are, increased ground clearance and an improved ESP system, which are no doubt handy when green-laning or crossing rough terrain. But how often does your average person do that? Only a small minority who use an allroad will actually indulge in a leisure pursuit that demands more off-road ability than a car. Those people are more likely to have a Q5 in their sights, which can be had as an entry model for 850 euros less than the A4 allroad. Painted all-terrain side body skirts can even be specified as an option on the A4 allroad: it all sounds a bit daft. Most Allroads will simply be parked in the city somewhere and be asked to climb sleeping policemen at most.

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