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After just three weeks of the X Factor's return to our screens, already there are some contestants who seem destined for success. One performer in particular has caused such a stir that he's being described as the next Susan Boyle - in terms of overnight star status. Danyl Johnson is a 27-year-old teacher from Reading who wowed the X Factor judges with his rendition of 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Danni, Cheryl, Louis and Simon were so impressed that they gave him a standing ovation and the usually sceptical Simon claimed it was "single-handedly the best first audition I have ever heard."

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The video clip of Danyl's performance has received over 3 millions hits on the video website YouTube and even in the States, Danyl is being praised by the 'Today' show's hosts. It seems both Britain and America have a soft spot for the underdog - as Susan Boyle proved. Now Danyl is their new darling, with his heartwarming story about his estranged father who had recently suffered a nervous breakdown. We can certainly expect to be seeing a lot more of Danyl Johnson over the next few weeks.

Another favourite performer is Stacey Solomon who is a single mother from Dagenham, Essex. The young mum is desperate to win the competition for the sake of her 17-month-old son Zachary. Stacey juggles working in a pub with musical theatre while also being a mum. She said, "Single motherhood is tough, but I'm determined to be the one that provides for my son." At her audition she sang Louis Armstong's 'What A Wonderful World' and was so impressive that Simon Cowell told her "I have to be honest, that performance completely took me by surprise. You are really, really good."

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