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'It's only rock and roll, but we like it' is the only clue that has been released so far about Apple's upcoming product announcement on the 9th September. The company usually unveil new iPod products in September and so far there has been an enormous amount of speculation around what will be revealed this year. It is thought that a camera function will be added to the iPod touch and that improvements will be made to the nano range too. There could also be mention of Cocktail, which is a plan to have exclusive cover art, album sleeve information and interactive booklets from Universal, EMI, Sony and Warner Music available with music purchased through iTunes.

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Since Apple is (rock and) rolling out its latest products, Hot Searches has taken a look at some more high tech gadgets that will be available soon such as the LG GD910 phone. This new touchscreen phone which straps round your wrist is not unlike like one of Q's device from the Bond movies. Its screen is Casio-style and touch-operated, and to make a voice or video call you simply hold your wrist to your mouth and speak into the device. There is also the option of a bluetooth handset for those who find raising their arm each time too tiresome. The phone is being sold exclusively by Orange and is one of the most expensive phone on the market.

A gadget which you can't buy yet in the shops has become an exhibit in London's Science Museum. The new 3D printer works by melting powdered plastic so that it bonds together and can be built up into a three-dimensional object. The printer's inventors hope that in the future, every home will have its own 3D printer. Unfortunately at the moment, it takes 2 hours to create and inch of plastic and costs about £150,000.

As well as 3D printers, it's hoped that the future will also hold 3D televisions in our homes. Sony plans to launch 3D compatible TVs next year and they also hope to install the technology in other Sony devices such as their laptops, Blu-Ray DVD players and PlayStation 3. It's not just Sony who have three-dimensional plans for the future: LG and Samsung also intend to make their own 3D TVs and Sky have announced their plans to broadcast a 3D channel next year.

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