World Cup Qualifiers

Its that time again when Premier League managers groan as their players are called up for their national teams.

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E-N-G-E-R-L-A-N-D! play Slovenia in a friendly this Saturday then onto the real business of the World Cup qualifiers with a match with Croatia on Wednesday week.

But unlike past qualifiers, the English team are firmly in the driving seat:

How can this be?

In the past English World Cup qualifiers were laced with booby traps, minnow nations trying to make a name and big hitters looking for a famous English scalp.

We've had some hair-raising moments, where every English match had you reaching for the Paracetamol and praying for a win.

Who can remember Beckham's last gasp equaliser against the Greeks or the 5-1 annihilation of Germany in 2001? Or older still, losing out from qualifying against the Poles?

Do you have a favourite World Cup moment? Leave your comment here.
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