Outsider view: The right strategy?

As the world's biggest automotive manufacturer, Toyota feels obliged to occupy every last niche, especially where there is a profit to be made. All the same, the concept of the new Urban Cruiser seems questionable, to say the least. On the one hand, despite the vehicle's mere four metres in length, it is claimed to offer quality of journey, even off-road. On the other hand, the 4WD diesel version retails from 23,000 euros upwards – a hefty price tag for a subcompact model. Admittedly, the actual target group consists of prospective purchasers who are content with a front-wheel drive, petrol-powered vehicle. The elevated view of the road, SUV characteristics and entry price of around 17,000 euros should certainly appeal to anyone who just needs it for driving around town. After all, its official name is Urban Cruiser. It will be interesting to see if this twin strategy pays off.
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