Need a new number plate?

Back in 2001, a new format of number plates were introduced which started with two letters designating the area the car was registered followed by 01 to signify 2001. Then in September the numbers changed to 51 to signify it was the second half of the year 2001. Pretty confusing right? This September the format will change to 59, which will be the last in this series of registrations. Many people will want to buy a new car in order to have the new number plates and the new registrations will no doubt be popular with people celebrating their 50th birthday this year. These are the top searches for number plates on the web.

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If you wanted to buy a '59er' number plate as a gift for someone's 50th birthday you could purchase one online that is more personalised such as JO59 ING, which looks like jogging, or GR59 0RY, which looks like Gregory. A plate like this would cost around £500 and of course you can only use it on a car manufactured after 1st September 2009, meaning you'd have to buy a new car as well as the new plates. You can of course buy number plates for an old car as long as you don't try to make the car look younger than it is. But there are also lots of dateless registrations available but these are often highly sought after and, consequently, quite expensive.

How do you feel about personalised number plates? Do you feel the need to get a new car so you can get the last of the current registration series? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.
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