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The future of energy bills seems pretty grim with suppliers bumping up their prices as the cost of gas and electricity continues to increase. While you can't negotiate with your supplier about the cost per unit of energy, there are various things you can do to be energy efficient and help reduce your bills. Firstly, check out the top searches in energy bills.
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In the kitchen there are many ways you can cut down the amount of energy you use. If you use a gas hob, make sure that the flames do not lick the sides of the pan - if they do then the hob is too high. Electric toasters and kettles are more energy efficient than using the grill or a hot plate, and if you're looking for a new cooker, get a fan assisted oven as these do not need much preheating and they cook faster. When doing your washing up, you can rinse the dishes in cold water instead of hot, and when doing the laundry - as you've no doubt heard before - you can wash at 30º, make sure you do a full load every time and then dry your clothes outdoors or on a rack.

Around the house you can cut down on energy by wrapping up warm! If you turn down your heating during the winter as much as you can bear and wear warm clothes you could reduce your heating bill by 10%. Using the time controller on your heating is good way to make sure your house is only heated when you need it to be and if you usually have your heating on at night, switch it off and get a thicker duvet! Putting reflective panels behind your radiators (these can even be tin foil) will increase their efficency, and if you make sure your curtains are closed at dusk, they will help keep heat from escaping.

Getting your house properly insulated - walls, loft, gaps in the skirting board, double glazing - all these things will make huge savings on your heating bills. And of course there are all the little things you've probably already done or are meaning to do such as using energy saving bulbs, switching off lights if you don't need them, showering instead of bathing, defrosting your fridge and freezer regularly and letting hot foods cool before putting them in the fridge.

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