Veritas RS III: Nostalgia points the way to the future

The definitive series production version of the German super sports car Veritas RS made its debut at the Salon Prive motor show which was recently staged at the swank Hurlington Club in London. In the context of this exclusive event, the vehicle was awarded the title of Best Super Car 2009 by general acclaim. Anyone who remembers the original 1940s racing car will have no compunction about shelling out around 400,000 euros for the chance to be propelled by the 500 horsepower of this reincarnation. The name Veritas is taken from the Latin word meaning 'truth'. And in this case, the truth is overwhelming. Manufacturer VerMot intends to produce just 30 copies of this amazing flatfish. The one-seater is many things, but family car isn't one of them. For all you confirmed bachelors with big bank balances out there, we've put together a photo gallery.