Frankfurt Motor Show preview: Kia Cee'd

As the IAA (17th - 27th September 2009) prepares to open its doors in Frankfurt, manufacturers have been sending various models for a facelift to make them more attractive to the buying public. Take Kia, for example. They have put their three-year-old Cee'd through a spot of cosmetic surgery. The operation was performed by head designer Peter Schreyer, who gave his four-wheeled patient a completely new visage. The mouth (grille) has become more angular and the chrome features have been banished altogether. As the eyes (headlights) have undergone a transformation, the head (bonnet) has had to be reshaped accordingly.

The posterior has also received new light clusters as well as a revamped rear apron. The innards of the Cee'd were starting to show their age and have therefore been replaced with higher-grade materials. The heart of the vehicle was deemed to be in good working order, so the engine remains the same.