Outsider view: In-house competition?

Pete Mait

Firstly, compact SUVs are still selling well. Secondly, VW supremo Ferdinand Piëch likes to see a healthy dose of in-house competition. From these two premises flows a third: alongside the Audi Q5 and VW Tiguan, Skoda have now weighed in with the Yeti, one more compact SUV on the Volkswagen AG books. And we won't have to wait too long till an Audi Q3 version is served up as well. Despite trying times, the positive figures posted by the group have vindicated its strategy. However, cannibalisation effects within the individual brands have been detectable – for example, the Q5 has been nibbling away at Q7 sales – even if they aren't admitting it. Maybe the various badges will start to devour each other some time in the near future?