Who will win the Premier League?

Floyd Bruno

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It's that time of year when every football fan waits with bated breath and the question on everyone's lips is, "Who will win the Premier League?" Will cash rich City break the 'Big Four's' hegemony or will they be a damp squib in a sea of predictability? Here's the Hot Searches guide to the Premier League.

The 'Big Four':

Liverpool – despite a glorious history they haven't won a title since Premier League's inception. Can Rafa's boys reach the premiership summit or will it be another year of disappointment? With one acquisition to their name, will this be enough?

Chelsea – they've got a couple of solid signings and a spine stronger than the Eiffel Tower. With the powerful Drogba back to his best and the force of nature that is Michael Essien, can they triumph this year?

Man United – now that the winker has gone, can Rooney fill his boots? Can Michael Owen get a pair to fit him? With Hargreaves soon to come back in the holding role, will it be a record-breaking 4th consecutive title?

Arsenal - Adebayor's gone, Nasri is out for 3 months but Rosicky's back! Will the Gunners have enough firepower to take them to the top or will the only spectacle at the Emirates we'll be watching be Bendtner's pink boots?

Dark Horses:

Man City – they've been hitting the back pages, spending big, matched only by Real Madrid. Can Mark Hughes's men make it a fairy tale or is it just another false dawn for the luckless City fans?

Spurs – with the acquisition of Peter Crouch, 'Arry' and his boys look the part but every season, like a suit from Mr Byrite's, they fall apart at the seams. Can they break the Big Four's stranglehold or will it be another false dawn?

So what do you think: who will win the Premier League this season? Leave your comment here.