Flaming hot barbecues

Maya Driver

It's summer, apparently, and that means spending time in the great outdoors enjoying the spots of sunshine and stubbornly waiting out showers. One popular summer activity is to have a barbecue - even if we end up having to take the food inside to eat. If you are planning to buy a new barbecue this summer, check out our top barbecue searches and then take some time to read through our thoughts on what's available.

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Depending on what type of barbecuer you are, there are lots of different barbecues to choose from. If you're all about convenience but not flash with the cash, you may want to buy a simple disposable barbecue, readily available in supermarkets. These tin foil trays with coals and mesh are a brilliant purchase for a day in the park and for those not quite hardcore enough to invest in the real deal.

If you want something a bit more meaty but are an impatient sort of cook and want your food right now, you should consider a gas BBQ. No fannying around with firelighters and bags of coal with these machines. You want your barbecue ready to go straight away? This is the one for you. The gas ones do tend to be at the more pricey end of the barbecue scale but they have a lot going for them, including a wood chip option to create that distinctive smokey flavour.

Do you pooh pooh the idea of a gas barbecue due to your superior skills in the traditional coal-grilling method of barbecuing? If so, you'd be forgiven for savouring the delights of the ultra-hot, ultra-fiery, ultra-manly coal barbecue. Never mind the fact that it takes these grills 20 minutes to get going or that cleaning them afterwards is a real pain, barbecuing pros will tell you that coal barbies are real barbies, plus they cover a range of budgets. But whichever type you choose, just make sure you always cook your meat properly!

Are you a die-hard barbecuer? Got any barbecuing tips or recipes to share? If so, then please leave a comment.