What the press say: Comeback for Schumacher

Motorsport-Magazin.com, Germany: "The return of the year"

Corriere dello Sport, Italy: "Schumi on the way back! Ferrari calls and he comes running. What a cracker!"

La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy: "Sensational comeback. Formula One's golden couple reunited. Celebration - the greatest champion of all times is back again."

La Repubblica, Italy: "After three years of deceptive calm, the racing demon returns. He is risking everything, but it's a gift for Formula One."

El País, Spain: "The greatest of them all makes his comeback."

El Mundo, Spain: "The grand old master says yes."

Marca, Spain: "Return of a legend. Valencia hits the jackpot."

As, Spain: "People come, people go. While BMW are withdrawing from Formula One, Michael Schumacher is making his comeback."

Sport, Spain: "The Emperor returns"

Daily Mail, UK: "Schumacher on a lap of honour"

Sun, UK: "Return of the Grand Prix superstar: The Schu goes on."

Independent, UK: "For Formula One, there has only ever been one unassailable pillar of certainty. His name was Michael Schumacher."