Outsider view: Fat behind - so what?

Pete Mait

The broad posterior has caused some controversy. Whereas in the 911 this was a consequence of the rear-mounted engine, the Panamera packs its motor under the bonnet. The roundish rear end, a sort of homage to the 911, has been modelled as a fastback. Although it may lend the Panamera a distinctive silhouette in the sedan segment, it is anything but aesthetically pleasing. Just what true elegance should look like will soon be demonstrated by the Aston Martin Rapide, one of the future rivals to the Panamera. Somehow it's hard to tell whether the Panamera is closer to the Cayenne or, after all, to the 911, the allure of which is supposed to rub off on it. Does this big bottom point the way to the future of Porsche or will we come to look back on it as an aberration?