Windows 7 - are you ready for its launch?

Maya Driver

The new version of Microsoft Windows will be released on October 22nd. It is the next step up from Windows Vista and contains several new software updates. The upgrade will be made available for free to people who purchase a Hewlett Packard PC between now and the 22nd October. Also, Windows XP and Vista users will be able to purchase a cheaper upgrade version of the new Windows 7. But to get a full upgrade, you will have to pay for the new operating system. Will it be worthwhile or an unnecessary waste of money?
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Some of the new features of Windows 7 are revamps of applications such as Paint, Notepad and Calculator. Although these are rather small, simple apps, they have remained the same for years now so it's interesting to finally see them being updated. Windows 7's user interface is less cluttered and there are lots of new window management features to keep your desktop manageable and tidy. However, many critics have claimed that the differences are so slight as to be barely noticeable, and some say that this new release is merely what the last one, Vista, should have been. Windows Vista was released behind schedule and was not well received.

For those who decide they do want to upgrade to the Windows 7 version which contains a XP mode, they may find they will need to buy a new computer. A lot of laptops may not have the right processing chips to run the software. So although Microsoft may be pricing their new software relatively low to allow for the recession, users may find themselves paying out for an update (or even a new computer) that features only relatively minor improvements. Do you think Windows users need another software update or are they simply being ripped off? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.