Cool travel tips

Travelling is stressful. Knowing what to pack, sitting on crowded, boring long-haul flights, worrying about keeping your belongings safe - it can't be avoided but it can be made more bearable. Many travel accessories have been invented with the aim of removing some of the hassle from holidaying. So here are a few of the most searched-for travel gadgets that will make travelling infinitely more enjoyable.

Top travel accessory searches:
  1. iPod accessories
  2. Luggage straps
  3. Digital luggage scale
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Computer accessories
  6. Wheeled luggage
  7. Waist money belt
  8. Noise reduction headset
  9. Travel eye masks
  10. Discount luggage
Ear plugs
Planes, trains and indeed automobiles can be very noisy places. If you want to get some shut-eye without being disturbed by babies crying, people snoring and noisy engines, get some ear plugs. You can buy foam plugs cheaply - about £3-4 for a pack of 10 - and these are pretty effective. Alternatively you could invest in some noise reduction headphones so you can listen to music or a laptop with really clear sound while blocking out all external noise.

Money belt
Travelling abroad means handling fistfuls of foreign currency and there's nothing more tempting to a would-be robber than seeing a fresh-faced traveller with pockets full of notes. Keep your money safe in a money belt that sits against your skin. It might not be very comfortable, or cool, but if someone starts fishing around under your clothes to get at it, you'll know all about it.

Nowadays you can find laptops outside of business class. There are such small ones available (10"screens) with lots of memory and storage on them that it makes sense for anyone to bring one along in your carry-on luggage. You can watch films on it, listen to your music library, upload and store your holiday photos, get online with WiFi and play games.

Neck pillow
This is something I always remember - when I'm sitting on the plane and suffering from neck ache! These handy pillows that wrap around your neck and support your head are perfect for when you want to sleep but the seats next to you are all taken.

Electronic book
Can't decide which paperback to read on the beach? Can't afford to have all those books weighing down your luggage? Buy an electronic reader like the Amazon Kindle. It can store up to 200 books: just a few more than you could fit in your carry-on luggage.

Travel adaptor
A universal travel adaptor is essential for people taking gadgets to foreign countries. Even if you are only taking a hairdryer - when you get to Spain, your 3-prong British plug won't be any use with their 2-prong plug holes!

What do you think are indispensible travel accessories? Leave a comment and share your ideas.

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