Brits construct F3 eco racer

We British have something of a reputation for being eccentric, and the BBC programme 'Top Gear' has shown that we are particularly fond of messing about with fast cars. A team of research engineers at the University of Warwick have now gone a stage further and built an environmentally friendly Formula 3 racer. Powered by chocolate, steered by carrots and with bodywork made of potatoes, it can still corner at 125 miles per hour. And all of this while complying with the international F3 regulations, the only exception being the biodiesel engine which is perhaps one for the future.

Every component of this vehicle has been manufactured from renewable materials. The monocoque has been made from vegetable fibre, with flax fibre and soybean oil going into in the making of the driver's seat. "The project dispels the myth that performance needs to be compromised when developing the sustainable motor vehicles of the future" claims Project Manager James Meredith in an interview with TD Daily . The car has already been put through its paces. "Last week, we drove it round the campus car park. Next we'd like to try it out on a proper racetrack," adds Meredith. Soon thereafter, they want to enter it for a race – and they aren't fussy which.

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