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For anyone who is going to be involved in the ritual send-off (and humiliation) of the bride and groom to be, here are a few tips and ideas to help you plan a successful stag or hen do. The very first piece of advice, although it may seem less fun, is to involve the stag or hen in the planning process. This way the planners can't get into too much trouble or severely disappoint the bride or groom - because after all it's their night and they want to have the best last night of freedom possible. Of course, that doesn't mean there can't be any surprises along the way!

When choosing your destination and what to do, bear in mind the number of guests and who will enjoy or can afford the activities you're planning. If you're organising a busy weekend of white water rafting, posh dinners, drinking, spa treatments and strippers - well that's good for you, but some of the guests may not want to participate in those activities, some may not be able to fork out for all that fun and some may not want to spend all that time with each other! Try to please everyone so that the stag or hen doesn't stress about their night.

Some ideas for activities are wine tasting, trips to Ibiza, limousine rental, burlesque shows, posh restaurants, paintballing, comedy clubs, tank driving and casinos.

Juggling dates that suit everyone and when the activities you choose aren't booked up is also a tricky responsibility. Early planning for a packed itinerary is strongly advised – maybe as much as 3 months in advance of the event, and even more than that if the stag/hen wants to have their night abroad. And, although it used to be a tradition for a stag do to literally be the last night of freedom, this really is not a good idea. The bride and groom will not thank you when the groom wakes up hungover and naked in a strange place when they're supposed to be getting married in a few hours' time! Stag and hen nights can be as laid back or raucous as the bride or groom wishes, but the main thing is that they have fun, you have fun and all the guests give the condemned man or woman the best night of their lives!

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