Engagement rings and wedding bands

Maya Driver

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Two very important elements of a wedding that every bride will be especially concerned about are the engagement ring and wedding band. Everyone knows that the engagement ring has to be special and that the search for the perfect ring can often be long and difficult, but the wedding band is possibly even more important and finding the right one, alhough it may seem simple, also requires some research.

The choice of metal for the wedding band depends greatly on the metal of the engagement ring - a bride won't usually want to have a platinum engagement ring next to a yellow gold band. There are four main types of metal used in wedding bands that you can choose from:

  • Yellow gold is the classic choice, although the purer it is, the less durable it is

  • White gold looks like platinum but is cheaper and stronger

  • Platinum is a pure metal so it's good for people with allergies, but it is expensive

  • Titanium is a very strong metal with a greyish colour that is popular with men

Wedding bands come in different shapes in order to sit snugly next to the engagement ring. If the engagement ring has a large stone set in it, a classic straight-edged wedding band will not fit next to it. It is possible to find curved wedding bands in the shops, or alternatively you could have one custom designed by a jeweller.

These days wedding bands are not always plain metal rings. You can find ones with small gems set into it, intricate patterns carved along the edge or with messages engraved around them. But even if you are having the most classic design for you wedding band - make sure that it is the right size for your finger!

Remember that a wedding band and engagement ring are meant to be on your finger for life so they need to be hardwearing and a design that you'll never tire of. So don't choose one for any other reason than that it's the perfect one for you and your partner.