Bye bye baldness

Maya Driver

Going bald is a natural occurence for many men, and some women, and it can be a stressful and upsetting experience. Here are our top searches in hair loss treatments.

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If you do notice the dreaded receding hairline and want to do something about it, these are a few options that are open to you.

First: you could buy a hairpiece. It is possible to find good hairpieces that will cover receding hairlines and bald spots really well and not be noticable at all. They do require maintenance of course, but so does your real hair.

Second: you could opt for a hair transplant. This will be a lot more expensive than a wig but the results are very impressive as single hairs are transplanted into your scalp. (See Elton John's fine new barnet above).

Third: take various medications that stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is one popular treatment that has varying degrees of success. It is marketed in the UK as Regaine and can be fairly expensive - but of course not the thousands that a transplant will set you back. There is also a product called Propecia, which works by inhibiting testosterone. Again the product has varying results amongst patients. Read the blog for one man's quest to regain his hair through using different hair products.

Fourth: sit tight and wait for the latest hair loss treatment. Recently it was discovered that Botox injected into the scalp can dilate the blood vessels which allows nutrients to get to the hair shafts and stimulates new growth.

Fifth: get used to it. Shave it all off and savour the feeling of the air against your scalp. Being bald isn't so bad! It works for Bruce Willis and Gail Porter.