Toyota to launch a top-range hybrid sports car

Andrew Hopkins

The Toyota Supra is not only a legend in Japan and now this monster, that most Europeans know from PlayStation, has in fact 'gone green'. With this, the world's first hybrid top-range sports car, Toyota are aiming at the established market for cars such as the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911. The Japanese manufacturer is also looking at a new version of the Supra, which was produced between 1979 and 2002 and enjoyed particular success, particularly in Asia and America.

The Supra concept car bearing the designation FT-HS is due to be ready as soon as the coming Tokyo Motor Show, which will take place from October 23 until November 8. The previous Supra generation pushed out 330bhp, but this future fireball will increase that to a fair bit more that 400bhp. Whether a future Supra with hybrid drive will also be introduced into the European Toyota range has yet to be seen.