Become job-seeking savvy

Getting a new job can be a daunting task but your fears will be hugely relieved with some proper preparation. Here are our top job-related searches and a few tips for aceing the interview.

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Make sure you are on time! Prepare before the interview to see how long it will take you to travel there, what routes and transport you can take and what alternatives you have in case of traffic jams/train delays etc. Always leave yourself plenty of time to get from your home to the interview so you don't have to hurry and arrive all sweaty: first impressions really do count. For this reason, the next tip is to dress to impress. Wear something you think would be smarter than what is normally worn in the job you want to get. Pay attention to detail and don't be let down by chipped nail varnish or dirty nails, muddy shoes or an untucked shirt.

As soon as you know you have the interview, find out everything you can about the company. Use what you learn in the interview to prove to the interviewers that you have an interest in the job and that you're keen. Check the company website and if they have any, try out their products. Think of a few questions to ask about the company and the job. Also take some time to think what kind of questions might come up and prepare some answers. Search for interview questions online to get an idea of what might come up.

It might be annoying or tricky but try to work out what your strengths and weaknesses are. When mentioning weaknesses, always follow up with a solution for how you can counteract your weakness. Remember that body language speaks volumes about you so smile, maintain eye contact and have a firm handshake - this way you'll come across as confident.

Our final piece of advice is remember that a job interview is as much a chance for you to decide if you like the company as for it to decide if you would fit in there. Sell yourself but make sure you think you'll be happy in the job too. Do you have an interview coming up? Or do you have any interview nightmare stories to share? If you do, leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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